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I suggest taking a look at http://www.bluebrick.ie and http://www.ideas.ie. Buebrick is the functional site for the discovery and access of college courses to fulfill learning and skills gaps supporting training, retraining, reskilling and continuing education. This also uses "Amazon type" technology for learner/course matches. It is the brainchild of Eamonn Murphy of the Enterprise Research Centre at the University of Limerick - http://www.enterpriseresearch.ie.


Submitted by patrick.shane.gallagher 3 years ago

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  1. Moderator

    Hi Patrick,

    Sorry for the slow response -- I'd be very interested to learn more about what you're doing with Bluebrick - we've been hearing about your work from a few people now. I think the Dept of Energy over here will be interested as well, as they working on similar curricular "scaffolding / recommendation" stuff. I'm also in initial talks with Health/Human Services right now who are doing some similar work in the health professional industries.

    I can't seem to get your email address out of this system so maybe you can drop me a note so we can talk further? steve dot midgley at ed dot gov

    Thanks! Steve

    3 years ago