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like an iTunes for classroom content

Allow educational publishing companies of all sizes to make their materials available for download, whether fee-based or free. The Learning Registry should function like an iTunes for classroom content, providing a digital bridge between content providers and teachers/students. Flipcharts, eBooks, quizzes, special events that schools can sign up to stream, video modules on any subject for any grade level...all can and should be included in the database. The possibilities are endless!


Submitted by dancndrum 2 years ago

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  1. Moderator

    I agree with your general outline here - totally makes sense. I would point out that Learning Registry is not a "destination" or a place teachers would log in to. So it's more like email -- you need an email server and two email clients to make email even marginally useful. Think of LR like the email server -- we still need clients to connect but for sending and consuming.

    So LR could (and we intend it to) connect publishers of content with various consumers of content, to provide the services like flipbook you describe. But we still need developers (non or for profit) to build a flipbook for education that can make use of this wealth of data that we'll be sharing via LR.

    Thanks for the input!

    Steve Midgley

    US Dept of Education

    2 years ago