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Special need students need special funding

As a parent of a student with special needs I am horrified that IT funding is eliminated for education. This move has only encourage me more in pursuing funding options in our community to address technology assistance for our special needs youth. We have formed a non-profit, the Rushman-Micah Angel Foundation to address this issue head on.Technology has the potential to maximize learning for all students but it is especially needed by our special needs population. When it comes to learning for this special population, they have always been the last to recieve funding and the first to have it taken away.

Technology/data learning tools aid in leveling the playing field for these future generation to ahieve 21st century learning. It will provide students the ability to be more engaged in learning, it empowers and impact students and their families.

How dare politicians use our children and their families as political pawns...please be reminded we are the voting poor. Our communities will not sit quietly by and allow our children to be instituitionalized, placed in a corner of a classroom or not be educated at all.

We need technology funding for all our children, but especially for the special needs and

at-risk students. Eliminate waste but not at the expense of education, our country already lags behind others in technology and science. Reconsider the priorities...



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